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Fees Start At $169

Size of Home (square feet)

Year Built (4-digits)

Optional Inspection Items:

  • 2nd Level
  • Basement
  • Inground pool
  • Inground spa
  • Jacuzzi Tub(s)
  • Irrigation valves/timer
  • Irrigation - Zones
  • Termite Inspection

Appliance Inspections:

  • Refrigerator - $19
  • Dish Washer (built in) Included
  • Microwave (built in) Included
  • Washing Machine Included
  • Dryer Included
  • Stove Included
  • Smoke/CO Detectors

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Home Inspection

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When you need a full-service home inspection at price better than the competition, Fresh Eyes Home Inspection is your inspector! Our inspectors are professional courtesy and eager to meet your scheduling needs.

Inspections are 100% certified and come with a full detail report explaining all the important features of your new home. We are licensed, bonded and insured, so give us a call today or click the get an inspection button below to get started.

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Services We Provide

We provide thorough inspections on several types of properties including:

  1. 1. Residential
  2. 2. Condominiums
  3. 3. Townhomes
  4. 4. New construction
  5. 5. Rentals – Apartments/homes

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Home Inspections

New Construction

It is very important that you get an inspection if you are building a house. Even if you do not use our company, please get it inspected We offer pre-drywall inspections and pre-closing inspections. These are called phase inspections. Builders build homes so fast that many things are overlooked. The subcontractors are working as fast as they can, because of that may things are missed or are done incorrectly.

Workmanship quality has deteriorated in the past 5 to 10 years. It is very disheartening to see some of the things that we find in the new homes that are built now. We normally will find about 30 to 40 defects on pre-closing homes. We can hand the builder a punch list of these items and they are very good about taking care of the defects.

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